How to bake a perfect cake.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well, thanks for joining me. I want to talk about how to bake the perfect cake. Too many times over and over again people will continuously over bake their cake resulting in a dry, crumbly texture. As many of you know every oven is different, but honestly with this trick, it won’t matter whether you have a convection or conventional oven, you will get a moist cake every single time.

It is extremely important to understand the break down of cake. There are two main parts to a cake: the crust and the crumb. The crust is the outer layer that gets toasted, and the crumb is the inside texture of our cake, which is moist. Cakes are full of moisture, and if baked to doneness without any shield from the heat, they can dry out. Another thing to be mindful of is you need to properly grease your pan. I always will use a non-stick spray as well as a piece of parchment or wax paper cut to size and layer it on the bottom of my pan. This ensures that the cake will come out of your baking dish perfectly without tearing or breaking.

My trick to baking the perfect cake is so easy its stupid. You need to cover your cake with foil. When you may ask? Good question! Most cakes bake anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It is essential that we allow time for the crust to brown and firm up. Once you see that happening and you notice the cake “pulling” from the sides of your pan, that is the ideal time to get a piece of foil and cover. You want to cover your cake about 75% of the way through baking. You can try to do this by calculating the exact minute, but as I said all ovens are different and it truly will just be better for you to practice and train your eye for the signs that your cake is juuuuust about done baking but needs a little extra time.

Essentially, the tin foil is going to help “steam” the cake, trapping the heat inside and centralizing the heat to the center of the cake instead of letting all that moisture escape out. Thus resulting in a moist, bouncy crumb.

I hope this post was helpful, leave me a comment on what you would like to hear more of or how this may have helped you. Cheers friends!

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